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Culture & Methods Trends Report 2021

The report features 30+ sets of practices being adopted by the software development world.

The ones that piqued our interest in particular:

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Strategic Choice Chartering

Even though these six elements of strategic choice chartering are created with a hierarchical organization model in mind, the core practices associated to them might prove useful.

These “elements” might act as guides for how strategic choices are made throughout the organization:

  1. Make Only the Choices that You are More Capable of Making than Anyone Else

  2. Explain your Choices and the Reasoning Behind Them

  3. Explicitly Identify the Next Downstream Choice

  4. Assist in Making the Downstream Choice

  5. Commit to Revisit Your Choice Based on Downstream Feedback

  6. Ask for the Process to be Repeated at the Next Level

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Could games inspire your practice?


Multi-stakeholder Jobs to be Done

Sarkar, Ulwick and Kotler share a new approach for understanding the unmet needs of the society.

The traditional Jobs to be Done (JTBD) approach proposes that in order to understand customer needs in a way that makes innovation predictable, companies should stop jumping into the solution space and instead first work to understand on the “jobs” that customers are trying to get done.

Thus, the value creation process is to understand the criteria people use to measure success when getting a job done and to create solutions that help them get the job done faster, more predictably and with higher efficiency or throughput.

But what happens when there are multiple stakeholders?

More importantly, what are the unmet needs of society? And can we use Job to be Done to better understand what those needs are?


Festival of Work

Next week, Bülent is speaking at the international Festival of Work conference, hosted by METRO.digital.

He will share a series of remote practices of effective teams, based on practice, study & research.

The conference is free to attend, register here.


Sense & Change guides that might be useful:

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