OD57: Sneak preview: Guide to Information Overload. Curator’s Edition ∙ The Art of Change Making ∙ Noticing 👀

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Dear readers,

During the 1:1 talks with many of you, during the #orgtalks or the pop-up sharing sessions, we’ve heard a recurring theme:

How do you deal with the information overload?

Making sense of the vast amounts of information that we’re interact with is something that we’ve been playing with for years and we think we might have some principles and practices that might prove useful to you, as fellow practitioners interested in making better sense of the world and of the organizations around you.

That’s why we’re creating the “Guide to Information Overload. Curator’s Edition”, where we summarize our findings and tips & tricks. We’re close to finishing the guide and we’re opening pre-orders for those of you who resonate with the challenge of information overload.

As usual, we’ve put a minimal price of 10€+vat on the guide, so that it has a chance of standing out a bit among the other things that you download and hopefully not go to waste (e.g. the “Read Later” or “Other” folder) that easily.

Use “preorder” as a code for 20% off when pre-ordering.
The launch will be hopefully on Wednesday next week 💡

Pre-order now


The Art of Change Making

We recently came across the five maxims of Myron Roger for working with living systems - page 23 in the Art of Change Making guide:

  • Real change happens in real work

  • Those who do the work do the change

  • People own what they create

  • Start anywhere, follow it everywhere

  • Connect the system to more of itself

We find these principles profoundly simple and will start using them intentionally in our Strategy & Organization practice. Special thanks to Stelio Verzera, the host of the Adaptive Org Design series, for sharing these ideas and many other eye-opening perspectives during the talks so far.

Do the five maxims resonate with you? Why? Why not?

Transforming without missing any quarterly earnings

A causal loop diagram worthy of further exploration, created by Christina Bowen based on Aaron Dignan’s article which addresses

The $1B Question: How should a large, successful, and generally slow business go about transforming itself without missing a beat (or quarterly earnings)?

Have you encountered the pressure for an organization to transform without affecting short term results? What was an effective approach to deal with this?


Becoming better at noticing 👀

This article might help you reflect on how you notice things in the organizations around you. The intention behind the article is for supporting navigation of uncertainty at a personal level and it’s inspired by three forms of art.

What are you noticing in your organization?


Mindset Shifts Report

The Frameworks Institute has recently launched a report about mindset shifts, with “synthesized insights from a year of research with different experts and fields.”

Here’s a snapshot of the key lessons:

And the diagram with the concept family of mindsets:

What mindset shifts are happening in your organization?


Sense & Change guides that might be useful:

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