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The Strategy Palette, Leadermorphosis Transcripts, Language as Shared Constraint, Complexity Explorer Glossary


The Strategy Palette

How do you pick a strategy for picking a strategy?
What contextual factors do you take into account when picking such a meta-strategy?

First pick this week is the Strategy Palette, created by BCG. In summary:

  • Is your context unpredictable, yet malleable? Go for a shaping approach to strategy

  • Is your context unpredictable and unmalleable? Go for an adaptive approach

  • Is your context predictable, yet unmalleable? Go for a classical approach

  • Is your context predictable and malleable? Go for a visionary approach

  • Is your context harsh and resource-constrained? Go for a renewal approach

Our take:

  • The Strategy Palette seems to be useful in helping people entrenched in the ”classical” thinking that strategy = strategic planning see there are other ways for developing a business strategy

  • Another interesting perspective is that there’s not only the Classical/Adaptive duality in the Strategy Palette

  • This meta-strategy model is easier to digest and apply than Patterns of Strategy, which comes with a much more nuanced view of the elements at play in any strategy

11 min video

Leadermorphosis Transcripts

A valuable resource that we found recently is the website create by Tom Locke with some of the transcripts of the Leadermorphosis podcast, hosted by Lisa Gill.

Here are two of the transcripts:

  • Ep. 45 Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and the future of work

  • Ep. 26 Buurtzorg and the power of self-managed teams of nurses

Our take:

  • There is lots of valuable content in the form of podcasts or videos. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a specific information that you’re looking for (compared to searching text)

  • The rare thing this website brings is annotating sections of each podcast episode. Enjoy!

Check the transcripts


Can language be a shared constraint that boosts creativity?

Question found in this article about community building


Complexity Explorer Glossary

This week’s invitation to study further is connected to Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity Explorer Glossary. There are 96 glossary terms that can trigger wonderful explorations in the world of Complexity. Enjoy 🌿

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