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Team Topologies

As an org design practice that’s coming from the software world, Team Topologies looks at a Tech organization and names the different types of teams and their interactions:

  • Stream-aligned team: aligned to a flow of work from (usually) a segment of the business domain

  • Enabling team: helps a Stream-aligned team to overcome obstacles. Also detects missing capabilities.

  • Complicated Subsystem team: where significant mathematics, calculation or technical expertise is needed.

  • Platform team: a grouping of other team types that provide a compelling internal product to accelerate delivery by Stream-aligned teams

5 min explainer video about the 4 team types:

The Coherence Test

Useful exercise created by Strategy& for leadership teams that are wondering:

What’s the level of our organization’s coherence, both from a strategic and from an operational perspective?


Can you draw what your company does?


Future of Strategic Decision-Making

Intriguing article published in the Journal of Futures Studies, claiming that AI has an increasing role in strategic decision-making.

Through machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in strategic decision-making are improving rapidly, while human capacities in this area may not necessarily be progressing.

It could even be the opposite: while machines are deemed by many to augment humans in a positive way, the Pew Research Center cautions that AI could reduce individuals’ cognitive, social and survival skills: “People’s deepening dependence on machine-driven networks will erode their abilities to think for themselves [and]take action independent of automated systems” (Anderson, Cohn, & Rainie, 2018).


New version: Guide to Team Chemistry

We’ve added two practical examples from teams that have used the Team Chemistry framework during their team meetings.

Get the Guide to Team Chemistry

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